Don’t Let These 3 Myths Ruin Your Exercise Program

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There are a lot of “myths” we hear from clients at our Dunedin FL gym when it comes to exercise and strength training. These myths can quickly turn into excuses, and before you know it, people talk themselves out of training at all.  If you know you need to start at a Clearwater, Palm Harbor, or Dunedin FL gym, I don’t want these myths to create any fear in you.  Remember, f.e.a.r. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real!

And sometimes, those myths trap people in unproductive exercise programs, or worse yet, prevent them from starting a program in the first place.

A couple of the best myths I’ve heard at our Dunedin FL Gym

Myth #1. Working out with weights (strength training) makes women bulky and manly-looking.

A  lot of women still believe that they need to do tons of cardio-running, group classes, treadmill, bike, stairmaster, aerobics class, spin class,-the more miles, the better to stay “thin and “toned”.

Sharon was one of those people.  But after a while, she started to experience joint pain, chronic fatigue, and spending that much time at the gym was getting harder and harder.

So she decided to try strength training a try-and found that not only did she not “bulk up”, her endurance actually increased, and her aches and pains went away.

Click here to hear Sharon’s Story

Myth #2. I have a bad back, so I can’t work out.

To someone with back pain, lifting weights seems like the worst thing you could do.

That’s what Wendy thought.  Her back pain was so bad, she could barely tie her shoes.

But she soon learned that the right exercises, performed correctly, can strengthen the muscles that support the spine, and suddenly life can be fun again.

Myth #3. I don’t have time to workout.

Lots of people think that it takes hours upon hours every week to really get in good shape.

And if you can’t devote that kind of time to it – why bother getting started.

That was Mark’s deal.  Until he came to our Dunedin FL gym, Rock Solid Fitness, and found out that 30 minutes, twice a week does the job.

Such a good job, in fact, that he’s getting ready to start playing softball again for the first time in years.

So don’t get caught up in all the exercise myths out there about strength training.  You can look better, feel better, and function better, all in only 30 minutes, twice a week, on the Rock Solid Fitness program.

Rock Solid Fitness is a Dunedin FL gym that provides one-on-one personal training.  Our goal is to prove once and for all that brief, intense strength training works, to bust all the myths out there that are prevalent among Dunedin  FL gym members.


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