Be in the best shape of your life.

Personal training studio in Dunedin, FL where you dedicate less time not more, have a knowledgeable support system, and finally achieve your ideal body & fitness goals.

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what's your story?

Do you feel good about your health & body?

Juggling responsibilities while figuring out how to best take care of ourselves can be frustrating. Unfortunately, never doing so leaves behind a trail of lost time & bad habits.

We understand your struggles around getting into shape, and how everything from work, to family, to food can quickly feel difficult to handle.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients get in the best shape of their lives, reclaim their health, and allowed them to finally do what they love most with the extra time they gained.

Why Us

The Rock Solid Difference

Guaranteed & Timely Results

Our proven & effective 30 minute system where you workout 2x per week, allows you to spend the extra time on what matters most to you.

See Your Progress

You'll always see the outcome of your work by the numbers. We track the data to adapt the program to your changing needs as you grow.

Learn From the Best

You're always working with educated trainers that deeply understand every detail of the workout and how it applies to your unique body/needs.

Limit The Risk of Injury

Every move you perform is done safely and correctly, so that you re-strengthen old injuries, improve function, and decrease risk of injury.

How It Works

The Ideal Body Plan

Its easy to start with these 4 simple steps:

  • 1 Schedule A Free Training Session
  • 2 You’ll train with one of our expert trainers using our proven 30 minute system.
  • 3 We’ll break down what your unique needs & goals are.
  • 4 We’ll create a tailored plan for you and transform your body & health.

Take Control Of Your Life

Adding Exercise To A Busy Schedule Can Feel Overwhelming.

But failing to do so can leave you with unnecessary pain, stress, or lack of confidence – all while daily life continues to take a toll on your health.

With Rock Solid Fitness it doesn’t have to be this way.

Schedule a free training session, and we’ll create a program uniquely for you that takes the weight off your shoulders.

You’ll feel incredible and gain pride in yourself & your body.

Stressful Life & Lack Of Self Care

"I’ve really become closer to the best that I can be at my age"

Chris / Business Owner / My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Chris is a VERY busy business owner. He came to us wanting to take a step back and finally make time in the day for himself. He’s now stronger than ever. Listen to his story.

Chris Client Testimonial Portrait
Mariana Client Testimonial Portrait

Intense Pain & Lack of Accountability

"Every workout is beyond my expectation. I feel strong, inspired, accomplished."

Mariana / Adult Psychiatrist / My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mariana had been dealing with intense back pain and had gone to gyms where she paid for a whole year, but showed up only 3 times! Listen to her story.

Lack of Progress Working OUt Alone

"Three months here has given me more results than the past ten years."

Matt / Insurance Broker / My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Matt came to us with a HUGE history of working out on his own. He went to gyms & found workouts online, but never seemed to get the results he was after…until he found us! Listen to his story.

Matt Client Testimonial Portrait
Holly Client Testimonial Portrait

Stress & Very Little Time

"I realized that I could let go of stress. Now, I am stronger, I have more energy, I sleep better"

Holly / Paralegal / My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Holly’s work & home life were pretty hectic, causing her a ton of stress. She was actually trying to take things out of her schedule not add more to it. She didn’t know this type of program existed. Listen to her story.

No matter your struggle, we can help. Just set the date!

What We Offer

Everything You Could Ever Need

Unique Time efficient Plan

Personalized & Data Driven Process

Expert College Educated Trainers & Access To Every Single One

Physical Therapy Perspective

Body Composition Tests

Nutrition & Diet Education

Distraction Free Space


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You've Asked

Now To Answer Your Questions...

When we first meet, EVERYONE asks the same thing. Once they come in and experience our workout, they realize the difference and get excited about the new possibilities. One thing is certain, no one asks for 31 minutes.

While working out yourself is always an option, do you have the time and support system to decide on the right exercises, maintain proper form, prevent injury, assess your body’s unique needs, eat the right foods, and have the wisdom to improve along the way? If you’re like most people, you’ll either lose motivation or “life” will get in the way, never reaching your goal.

Due to our physical therapy perspective, we are able to create an effective program for most people with medical conditions or a history of injuries. You do need to be mobile enough to get around the facility and on and off the equipment. We even communicate directly with your healthcare professional to fully understand the best approach to take when creating your unique program.
Our clients have busy lives, we understand that! Here, you don’t have just one Fitness Coach; you have a team of Coaches at your disposal. We’ve made our program completely flexible so that you can workout when it is most convenient for you. You are free to schedule an appointment at any time during our open hours.
Yes they are! We’ve worked with hundreds of clients who were all different and above that, had different goals. In the end, they reached their goals and saw results because our proven process works for everyone. That includes you! Your role is to show up, we take care of the rest.

Our personal training program is actually more affordable when compared to the average personal trainer in the area. Only when you consider the custom tailored system, the body assessments, nutritional education, unparalleled time flexibility, and industry leading perks, can you understand the true value. Why spend more money in the end for something that takes longer and achieves less than optimal results?

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