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Personal Training Pricing in Dunedin

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2x/week Small Group
1st 2 Weeks 1-on-1 $65/Appt

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Our Proven Process

Personal Fitness Coaching

You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym using unproductive training methods, only to end up disappointed with the results. The Rock Solid Fitness personal training program works for adding muscle and losing fat, and it works fast. Our process combines time efficiency, data tracking, & a physical therapy perspective to reach goals. The program adapts with you, and our expert coaches hold you accountable along the way.

We are coaches that will help you be the best that you can be, not just a trainer that takes you through a workout.

The Science of Personalized Training Programs for Maximum Results

At Rock Solid Fitness, we create personalized training programs tailored to your specific fitness goals. According to the Journal of Personalized Medicine, individualized plans are more effective than generic programs. Our expert trainers continuously monitor and adjust your plan to ensure optimal progress. Start your personalized fitness journey with us by claiming your free training session today.


2X/Week Personal Training Membership

Maximize your strength training potential with our 2x/week One-to-One Personal Training Membership at Rock Solid Fitness, the ideal choice for those seeking the best value and comprehensive personal training support. This strength training membership is our most popular option, designed for individuals dedicated to achieving their health and fitness goals with consistent expert guidance.

Our Dunedin personal training members benefit from the accountability of a fitness coach who partners with you every step of the way. Set quarterly health and fitness goals, monitor your progress monthly, and make necessary adjustments under the guidance of your dedicated coach.

This structured personal training approach ensures that every session contributes to your success, whether you’re aiming to gain strength, improve your overall health, or require the motivation of having a professional by your side throughout your fitness journey.

Claim your free personal training in Dunedin session today and discover how our focused approach to strength and personal training can help you reach new heights in health and fitness!to

High-intensity interval training at Rock Solid Fitness gym
Rock Solid Fitness personal trainer guiding a client through a resistance training session in Dunedin.

Affordable Personal Training Pricing in Dunedin

1X/Week Personal Training Membership

Elevate your fitness regime with our specialized athlete membership at Rock Solid Fitness, designed for active individuals seeking to enhance their routine through strength training. This personal training membership is perfect for those who are already engaged in various physical activities but want to integrate the substantial health benefits of strength training.

Understanding the crucial role of rest and recovery in achieving peak physical performance, we’ve tailored our athlete strength training membership to optimize results without risking overuse injuries. By incorporating a strategic once-a-week strength training session, members can efficiently bolster their fitness without the commitment of daily gym visits.

Claim your free training session today and discover how our focused approach to strength and personal training can help you reach new heights in health and fitness!

Small Group Personal Training Pricing in dunedin

2X/Week Small Group Personal Training (2 to 1)

Discover the perfect balance of community, motivation, and affordability with our 2-on-1 Personal Training Membership at Rock Solid Fitness. This strength training membership is ideal for those who are self-motivated and injury-free, looking for an economical option without compromising on the benefits of a personalized training program.

In our 2-on-1 personal training sessions, you’ll work alongside another member who shares your dedication and drive. This small community setting not only fosters a motivating atmosphere but also enhances your workout experience as you pursue similar fitness goals under the guidance of our expert fitness coaches. Whether you are new to our Dunedin gym or looking to elevate your fitness regime, our coaches are equipped to support you from your initial steps and beyond.

Claim your free strength training session today and see how our 2-on-1 Personal Training Membership can help you achieve your health and fitness aspirations!

Patty performing squats at Rock Solid Fitness, a premier Clearwater gym.

Personal Training Success Stories

Our awesome personal training clients share a few words about their experience working with us. We are grateful for their trust and commitment. See what’s possible for YOU at our Dunedin gym!

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