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Client Spotlight: Elena Marrero

clearwater personal training client Elena Marrero

Is it possible that a super busy entrepreneur could run a retail business, sing professionally on the side, enter Peleton competitions and road races, and somehow find a Clearwater personal trainer who could help her squeeze full-body strength training into that schedule?

It’s possible.  And her name is Elena.

How this “Singing Storekeeper” got the key to achieving her fitness goals to fit into her insanely busy schedule

One day, Rock Solid Fitness CEO Patty Durell needed to buy a gift for a special friend.  So it needed to be a special gift.

So while walking around downtown Dunedin, she made a beeline for her favorite gift shop, where she knew she would have her best shot at finding what she needed.

She went inside, and with the help of the proprietor, she did indeed find that special gift.

And she and the shopkeeper really hit it off, and got to talking about what they each had going on in their lives.

Patty found out this delightful store owner’s name was Elena Marrero, and she was the owner of The Great Giftsby in downtown Dunedin Florida, and was also a singer.  In fact, she was known as “The Singing Shopkeeper”.

And she was into fitness!  Mainly Peleton and running.  And she revealed she really wanted to add strength training to her fitness program, but just figured that since she was so insanely busy there was no way to fit it in.

So when Patty told her that at Rock Solid Fitness, our workouts build strength in only 30 minutes, twice a week, she was – suspicious.

So Patty invited her in for a free initial consultation and workout, to see for herself.

Once she tried it, Elena was blown away at how intense a workout she got in only 30 minutes!  So she signed up right away.

And from July 7th to September 20th, only 44 days, Elena added 2.5 pounds of lean, shapely muscle, and dropped 6.5 pounds of unwanted body fat.


Hang on; I’ll let her tell you about it.

Is it worth hiring a personal trainer?

Hiring a qualified Clearwater personal trainer has many benefits.

The first benefit is accountability.  If you have an appointment set with your personal trainer in Dunedin FL, and you have already paid for the session, you are far less likely to skip that workout.

And once you do show up, you’re not going to be able to talk yourself out of anything. No more blowing off legs. And no more skipping that last abdominal exercise. Or starting with bench press every single workout.

We hear this over and over again from clients like Elena – if it was left up to them, they would skip a lot of workouts!  Having a Coach in your corner that you don’t want to disappoint will keep you showing up at the gym, even on days you don’t feel like doing a workout.

The second benefit is supervision.

Studies show that having a supervised workout will cause you to work harder, which of course brings better results.  (

And of course, any good Personal Trainer is going to have a lot to say during your workout, both coaching your exercise form which will keep you safe, and encouraging and motivating you to give a maximum effort. Also, having a second set of eyes watching your technique is a great way to prevent cheating, and more importantly to maintain safety.

Another benefit your personal Fitness Coach can provide is workout variety.

There are certain techniques that can add variety and increase the intensity of your workout that you simply cannot perform on your own (as you saw in Elena’s video).  Adding variety prevents boredom, keeps your motivation up, and forces adaptation, which translates into better results.

Does a personal trainer really help?

Let’s take a look at a few additional benefits to using personal training services in Clearwater FL.


Sustaining an injury while working out will put a sudden halt to any benefits you hoped to achieve from your exercise program. “First do no harm”, as they say.

And when you utilize the services of a Clearwater personal trainer, their job first and foremost is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. They can see things that you can’t see yourself about your exercise form and make corrections as needed. They can spot you on free weight exercises. And they can help you keep your ego in check and make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew in your workout.


Are you one of those people who goes to the gym and just does their favorite few exercises? Or picks something easy on those low motivation days?

That’s a big area where signing up for personal training services can be beneficial. Your trainer will make sure you’re performing the exercises you need, and keep your routine well balanced.

Sometimes, with the best of intentions, we can be our own worst enemies. A good personal trainer can save you from yourself.


Some days, you just don’t feel very Olympic. The nice thing about having a personal trainer is that you don’t have to psych yourself up to get a great workout – you just have to show up and do what your trainer says.

It’s consistent effort that pays off when it comes to exercise, not a super heroic effort done only once in a while. Let your trainer help you stay motivated and keep coming, so you can reap the rewards.


Unless you are in the fitness profession, a well-educated personal trainer is going to know more about exercise than you do.

Don’t just keep mindlessly going to the gym doing the workout routine you did back in high school. Or worse yet, trying to copy what somebody else in the gym is doing, because they look better than you.

Choose a well educated, experienced trainer to coach you, so that the time you spend in the gym actually pays off in the form of great results.

By now hopefully, you can see that investing in personal training services has many benefits that you can’t get when working out alone. If you’re going to put in the time and effort to get into great shape, it just makes good sense to have an expert coach in your corner.

How often should you see a personal trainer?

You will need to schedule 2 appointments per week with a minimum of 2 days in between-for example, Monday and Thursday; Tuesday and Friday; Wednesday and Saturday, etc.-whatever works best in your schedule. You need to allow at least 2 days between workouts for recovery.

Scheduling these workouts is no different than scheduling any other high-priority task-dentist appointment, doctor appointment, parent-teacher conference, etc. except that your workouts will be scheduled 2 times a week instead of once in a while.

You should assign the same importance to them and commit (there’s that word again) to making a habit of keeping those appointments.

Looking for gyms in Clearwater FL, or a Clearwater personal trainer?

Rock Solid Fitness is the Premier personal training studio in the Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor  area. Our unique data-driven fitness program helps our clients feel better, look better and function better, all in only 30 minutes twice a week.

All workouts are supervised and monitored by expert, college educated Fitness Coaches. Rock Solid’s unique proven process gets results for people of all ages and stages of life, including those with physical challenges.

Our program works, works for everybody, and works every time – and it will work for you!


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