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Client Spotlight: Barbara Dyjak

Rock Solid Fitness Client Spotlight: Barbara Dyjak

How Rock Solid Fitness in Dunedin Has Helped Me Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Mass

Barbara’s Story: For years, I stuck to doing mostly cardio exercises like walking with friends, swimming, and jogging. However, I knew that as I got older, it was important not to lose muscle mass. I had heard about Rock Solid Fitness, and I liked the idea of having a personal trainer there with me throughout my workout — someone who could show me the proper form (which I was a little bit intimidated by) and make sure I was working out safely and effectively. I love coming here. The trainers at Rock Solid Fitness are experts at helping people reach their fitness goals while preventing injury. They watch every part of you to make sure you’re working at your optimal ability. Since joining Rock Solid Fitness, I have lost over 25 pounds while gaining muscle mass and losing visceral fat. I feel better than ever, my clothes fit better, and it’s something I know I can keep doing. Thank you, Rock Solid Fitness!

… Thank you for choosing Rock Solid Fitness, Barbara! We’re so happy to hear that you’ve seen such great results and that our trainers have helped you feel better than ever. Our number one goal is always to help our members achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively, and it sounds like we’re doing just that! Thanks for the kind words, and we hope to see you at the gym for many years to come!
When most people think of exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is cardio. After all, running, swimming, and cycling are all excellent ways to get your heart rate up and work up a sweat — it’s no secret that cardio exercises are excellent for your heart health. However, when it comes to fat loss, cardio exercises simply can’t compare to strength training.

The Simple Science Behind Why Cardio Exercises Are Not Enough

As we age, it’s inevitable that we’ll start to lose muscle mass. This is due to a condition called sarcopenia, which is the involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength, and function. After the ago of 30, muscle mass decreases approximately 3–8 percent per decade; after 60, this rate of decline is even higher. This involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength, and function is a fundamental cause of disability in older people. Sarcopenia increases the risks of falls and vulnerability to injury and can lead to functional dependence and disability. As if that isn’t enough, this decrease in muscle mass is gift-wrapped with a progressive increase in fat mass and, as such, body composition.

Why Is Strength Training So Much More Effective At Burning Fat?

The answer lies in something called the afterburn effect. When you do cardio exercises, your body burns calories while you’re working out. But once you stop exercising, your calorie-burning stops as well. Strength training, on the other hand, causes your body to continue burning calories for hours—or even days—after you’ve finished your workout. This afterburn effect is due to the increased metabolism that comes from building muscle. And the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn both during and after your workouts.
That’s why it’s so important to add strength training to your exercise routine as you age. Strength training not only helps build muscle mass, but it also helps improve bone density, control blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol levels, manage weight, and reduces the risk of injuries.
So, if you’re looking to lose weight and burn fat, strength training is the way to go. Cardio exercises are excellent for your heart health, but they simply can’t match the calorie-burning power of strength training. With strength training, you’ll not only burn calories while you’re working out, but also for hours—or even days—afterward, thanks to the increased metabolism that comes from building muscle.

Welcome to Rock Solid Fitness, A Locally-Owned Gym Serving Clearwater, Dunedin and Palm Harbor

At Rock Solid Fitness, we understand how busy life can be. It’s hard enough to find time to work out, let alone when you have to juggle work, studies, family, and body pain. That’s why we offer our clients a unique experience that you won’t find at other Dunedin gyms — a safe and individualized strength training program that only takes 30 minutes twice a week. We believe in providing a supportive and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable.
We also offer customized programs based on your individual needs so you can get the most out of your workouts. And because we know how busy life can be, we offer flexible scheduling so you can pick the days and times that work best for you (as long as you have rest days – we love those rest days). At Rock Solid Fitness, our personal trainers will adjust the intensity level of your workout based on your individual needs and abilities. You won’t have to worry about getting injured or not being able to keep up because the trainers will make sure you’re always working at your optimal level.
At Rock Solid Fitness, we offer more than just a place to work out; we provide our clients with a state-of-the-art facility staffed by knowledgeable and experienced trainers. We also offer:

  • Fitness assessments to help you set realistic goals
  • A wide variety of equipment, so you never get bored
  • Individualized attention so you can progress at your own pace
  • A supportive community that will help you stay motivated

We believe that our unique combination of experience, knowledge, equipment, and community set us apart from other gyms in the Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Dunedin areas. Our clients come first, and we strive to create a positive environment where everyone feels welcome.
If you’re ready to improve your life with a high-quality workout program that fits your busy schedule, come to Rock Solid Fitness. Our gym serves the greater Dunedin, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor areas. Since our inception in 2012, we have helped thousands of individuals feel great, reclaim their health, and finally do what they love most with the extra time and strength they’ve gained.
Ready to reclaim your health and get REAL fitness results? Contact us today!

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