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How To Find The Best Personal Trainer For Your Unique Needs

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Finding the right personal trainer in Clearwater for you is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly.  Your health is your most important asset, and staying physically fit and injury free is a critical portion of your health maintenance program.

But how do you know how to select the right personal trainer for you?  How do you know their program will work, that you will like it, and that you’ll be able to stick with this trainer long term – all before you lay down your hard earned money?

In this post, we’ll help you figure out how to successfully navigate this selection process, by providing you with 5 guidelines for making a wise choice when it comes to finding your new personal traine

How to find a great personal trainer in Clearwater Florida

1. Look at their credentials, education and experience.

Do they have a college degree in a related field, or did they get an online certification in a weekend?  How long have they been training people?  Do they have experience training people like you, with a similar medical history, experience level and goals?  Do they have any references or testimonials?

Naturally, you’d rather have the trainer with a 4-year college degree in exercise science, with at least a year or two of training experience, who is familiar with people in your particular situation.

You wouldn’t hire a handyman to build your dream home – likewise, strive to find the best qualified professional you can to entrust your fitness program to.

2. Make sure their background and experience matches your unique needs and goals.

If all their experience is training high school and college athletes, and you’re 55 years old and have no workout experience and just had back surgery, you’re asking for trouble.

You want to make sure your personal trainer has either helped people like you, or is like you themselves.  Otherwise, they may not be in a position to really help you, despite their good intentions.

3. Make sure the facility location is convenient.

If the facility is way out of your way, you’ll be more likely to miss workouts.  Try to look for something close to home, or on a route that you frequently travel, like to and from work.

Also be sure to check the trainer’s schedule to make sure it will match up with yours.  If you need to workout at 6:30 AM before work, and the trainer you’re considering doesn’t start until 8, that’s not going to work.

4. Make sure they really listen to you and respond appropriately.

At best, a trainer who doesn’t listen to your requests, complaints or feedback is super frustrating; at worst, they could put you at risk for injury.

For example, if you tell your trainer you have a sore left shoulder, you want to know that they will adjust your workout accordingly.  If they just blow off your input and train you as usual, your shoulder may end up worse off than before, and to add insult to injury you paid good money for that to happen.

Don’t let yourself get into this situation.  Ask lots of questions when you first meet your prospective personal trainer in Clearwater, and listen very carefully to their answers.  If it seems like they’re not really listening, find somebody else.

5. Try before you buy!

Any reputable personal trainer will give you a free introductory workout, to make sure you’re going to be happy with the training program.  If they don’t offer that, that’s a big red flag.

Hiring a personal trainer without trying a workout is like buying a new car without test driving it.  The best way to make sure you’ll be happy with it is to try before you buy.

How To Find The Best Personal Trainer in Clearwater

Looking for a personal trainer in Clearwater FL?

If you’re wasting time in the gym on workouts that don’t work, or haven’t started a fitness program yet because you’re not sure what to do, why not give Rock Solid Fitness a try? 

You can get started for free by clicking the link below.

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What are people saying about trainers in Clearwater, FL?

“I really enjoy my time at Rock Solid Fitness. It’s an intense workout that doesn’t take a lot of time and I am seeing results in less than a month. The instructors are great and push me (like I asked them to) to work until I’ve really made a maximum effort. For me this will be ongoing part of my overall well being.” Robert MacDonald, Rock Solid client

“After a month of one-on-one personal training I have seen such great results. The strides I have made in my fitness goals are noticeable in the strength and body. This is nothing compared to the service I have received and the friendships I have made. Thank you so much Rock Solid.”  Paul Holmes

 I have been strength training for years and this workout really is like nothing I have ever felt before. Super cool to feel new levels of muscles I never knew were there! Will definitely recommend to friends and family.  Connie Bowman

 This is my first month! I was never the type to go to a gym, but I LOVE Rock Solid Fitness. You have access to premium equipment, and you’re taught how to use it correctly by top notch trainers.  The best thing is how I feel AFTER a workout, I’m always glad I went and happy to be sticking to my goals. No one said it would be easy to get in shape – but it’s definitely worth it!  Madeline Wycoff

What are some highly rated trainers in Clearwater, FL?

The coaches at Rock Solid Fitness are very knowledgeable and experienced.  They take the time to understand your fitness objectives and tailor each workout to target and achieve your specific goals. The coaches provide the motivation to be your best.  They closely monitor your progress and results are achieved as long as you put in your best effort!  Anyone can benefit from coming to Rock Solid Fitness no matter what your fitness level may be!  Robert Tanzer

 The trainers and staff at RSF make your experience there an amazing one. I had the opportunity to work with Patty and three other personal trainers one-on-one, and each time I walked away from my sessions feeling challenged, accomplished, and stronger. The team is truly dedicated to you and your unique needs. I’d highly recommend Rock Solid for your personalized fitness goals! Dr. Erin Wadelin

Try Out A Free Introductory Workout

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