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Client Spotlight: Christy Vogel

30 minute full body workout

Can a simple 30 minute full body workout, performed only once or twice a week, make a massive difference in your life?

Christy Vogel is living proof that it can.  Read on to learn how she does it and the “why” that drives her to keep going.

Marketing executive conquers back pain and gets energized to start a Charity Foundation

About a year ago, Christy Vogel was super busy running her highly successful (and growing) marketing firm, Marketing Direction in St. Petersburg, Florida.

And playing tennis, and doing pilates, and spending as much quality time as she could with her husband Bill and 3 dogs, Murphy, Toby, and Merlin.

And on top of all that, she had aspirations of starting a non-profit for a cause near and dear to her heart.

In case you didn’t figure it out yet, Christy is VERY ambitious.

But there was a problem – something was holding her back – literally.

Christy was suffering with chronic low back pain caused by arthritis in her lumbar spine.

And it was ruining everything.

It was sapping her strength and energy, which adversely affected both her business and personal life.

And of course, severe back pain is no bueno for tennis.

It got to the point where Christy couldn’t even roll over in bed with excruciating back pain.

She needed a solution fast, but wasn’t sure where to turn.   So she saw a couple doctors.

They suggested a nerve block in her hip.  Christy wasn’t thrilled with that idea.

So she started seeking solutions that didn’t involve needles or medication.

The turning point

That’s when she ran into Rock Solid Fitness CEO Patty Durell, who explained what the Rock Solid program could do for her.

With nothing to lose, Christy decided to try strength training for 30 minutes, once a week, using specialized machines.

A few months later, Christy’s back pain was gone.  Poof.  Vanished.

But I’ll let her tell you herself.

The key ingredient in Christy’s 30 minute full body workout that turned things around

Although Christy was trying to play tennis and do pilates for exercise, the muscles surrounding her lumbar spine were very under-developed and weak.

This is very common.  The reason is that most forms of exercise, even strength training exercises, can’t isolate the lumbar extensor muscles.

30 minute full body workout

So the exercise you think is strengthening your back is usually strengthening your hips or legs instead.

But at Rock Solid Fitness, we have a low back machine that effectively isolates your lumbar spine extensor muscles by restraining your pelvis, thereby keeping your leg muscles from helping out, which forces those lumbar muscles to do all the work.

Nautilus Back Pain

And once Christy started building up those lumbar extensor muscles, her back pain went away.

Of course, she strengthened all her other muscles too, since it’s a full body workout.

How things are for Christy now

For Christy, losing her back pain was like taking her foot off the break pedal and nailing the accelerator.

Her productivity at work improved.  Her tennis improved.  Her energy level went through the roof.

And with that new-found energy, she forged ahead with her dream, starting her charitable organization: Sounding Joy.

Sounding Joy is a startup charity founded by Christy to help people with mild to moderate permanent hearing loss who don’t qualify for financial assistance or cannot afford hearing aid technology.

And that’s the “Why” that keeps her going.  Here’s her story.

The “Why” that keeps Christy motivated

Do 30 minute full-body workouts work?

30 minute full body workouts worked for Christy, they work for our other clients, and they will work for YOU.

The workouts are short (30 minutes or less) because we’ve designed them to be as intense as possible while still being safe.  These workouts are the strength training equivalent to laying in a tanning bed to get a suntan, while working out for an hour or two is like trying to get a suntan on a partly cloudy day in the Fall – you might be able to do it, but it’s not the most efficient way.

What should a full body 30 minute workout look like?

What you want to do is design a workout program that covers as many muscles in your body as possible with as few exercises as possible.  This can be accomplished through strategic exercise selection.

Your 30 minute full body workout should include these movements:

  • Lower body push
  • Lower body flexion
  • Upper body push
  • Upper body pull
  • Trunk flexion
  • Trunk extension
  • Neck strengthening
  • Grip strengthening
  • Rotator cuff strengthening

Performing one set of each exercise, with proper form and the proper intensity of effort, is all that’s required.

Can you see results from 30 minute workouts?

Just ask Christy!

Ready to start your own personalized 30 minute full body workout program?  Dunedin, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor residents are getting great results just like Christy – and YOU can too!  Get started today by scheduling your free consultation with one of our expert, educated Fitness Coaches, or come in for a free trial workout.


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