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Rock Solid Fitness On TV! Best Arm Exercises At Home Or In The Gym

best arm workouts

Best Arm Exercises Home Or Gym Video

The awesome morning TV show Great Day Live on Channel 10 WTSP Tampa Bay stopped by the studio to get some advice on the best arm workouts that could be done at home or in the gym.  When we think of “best” workouts, we want workouts that will give the best possible results is the fastest possible time with the least possible amount of effort.

Luckily, Head Coach Eric S. and Client Services team member Noor A. were available to demonstrate what you need to do to have the best arm workouts possible.  As Eric always says, “it’s not just about curls!”

Today we are going to be talking about the best arm exercises for building and toning our arms both in and out of the gym.

Often when we talk about training arms – almost everyone has seen or heard about doing curls for biceps, or maybe even kickbacks for triceps. Although this may be true – what can be more valuable for the individual who doesn’t have much time would be to work your arms in conjunction with the rest of your body.

What I’m trying to say is: it isn’t all about curls! As you train your back muscles, your biceps are working hard as well. As Noor is demonstrating this seated row, she is also working her biceps. Doing compound movements like this allows you to not only get the best arm workouts, but also work on posture by pulling your shoulders back, and even work your abdominals!

If you don’t currently have access to a gym, your options at home will look something like this. Using either a band as Noor is, or a towel as Eric is, you can target these same muscles, and posture changes with this simple move. Simply lace the band or towel around your feet, get in ideal posture: head, chest, and neck lifted up and out – and while keeping your shoulders down…lead your elbows back and drive your hands into your arm pits. If you are using the towel as Eric is – pull the towel as taut as it will go – and hold for 60 seconds or until you tire out in one, all-out effort! Arm workouts aren’t all about curls!

Triceps can also be worked in conjunction with our shoulders.  This overhead pressing movement is accentuated by our triceps, as Noor pushes on this machine, you will notice that she is moving her arms in an anatomically-correct rotary fashion, and ends up and away from the body. This is a healthy and controlled range of motion for the human shoulder. This movement is also known to increase bone density, especially in the spine! These types of safety measures are taken into account in every exercise at Rock Solid Fitness.

Similarly to our back and biceps example –you can simulate that same overhead press at home using household items such as these gallon water jugs. A gallon jug filled with liquid is about 8lbs give-or-take. If these are too heavy, just fill it part way. Keeping good posture, and tight abdominal muscles, we can see our extraordinaire: Noor pressing these jugs straight into the air. She is not locking her elbows, but making sure she is straightening her arms for a full range of motion. Since you are fighting gravity for resistance in this movement, and not against a rotary cam in our overhead press machine – she is going straight up instead of away from the body. Make sure to move in the pain-free range of motion for yourself for maximum safety, as well as make sure you are keeping your elbows in front of your body to give your triceps as much work as possible!

Remember- the best arm workouts aren’t all about the curls!  Compounds movements will help you train and strengthen your arms while also working on posture, bone density, abdominals, and overall body strength.

Check us out at Rock Solid Fitness to learn how to get the best possible fitness results in only 30 minutes twice a week.  To schedule your FREE fitness consultation and workout experience, just CLICK HERE.  We promise to include some cool arm exercises!


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