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Rock Solid Fitness on TV! Gym Machines for Abs & Bodyweight Exercises

Rock Solid Fitness on Great Day Live

Rock Solid Fitness was on Great Day Live, Channel 10 WTSP!

Gym Machines for Abs and Bodyweight Exercises at Home

Rock Solid Fitness was featured on the morning TV show Great Day Live, which airs at 9 AM every weekday on Channel 10, WTSP Tampa Bay.
This fitness segment focused on educating the viewers on how to get abs for the rest of the summer.

Our Fitness Coach James Gizzi took our Client Services Director Sara Leaders through some ab exercises, as he spoke to the viewers about:

What’s better – gym machines for abs, or bodyweight ab exercises at home?  Both can be super effective, but there are some differences.  However, it all boils down to just having a little discipline, and learning a few simple moves, to turn your “snack pack” into a “six pack”.

Bodyweight Ab Exercises

Floor crunches are a safe and effective ab exercise that can be done at the gym or at home.

We’ll start with what we call the Level 2 Crunch.  To start, lie on your back with your feet up and knees and hips both bent at 90 degrees.  Put your fingertips at the sides of your temples, and keep your elbows out where you can’t see them.

Keeping your head and neck in a neutral position, curl your trunk to lift your shoulder blades off the mat.  Don’t lead with your head; think of bringing your chest to your hips.  Lift in 2 seconds; hold for 1 second at the top; lower in 4 seconds.  Keep tension on your abs throughout the movement, never let them relax.

gym ab machines
Level 2 Crunch

If this way of doing crunches is to difficult right now, you can modify the movement.  Bring your feet down on the mat, keeping your knees bent.  bring your arms across your chest.  Perform the same crunch motion in the same way.

Level 1 crunch

If these methods are not challenging enough, go back to the original (Level 2 Crunch) position and straighten your knees, keeping your hips at a 45 degree angle.

Level 3 Crunch

The Gold Standard of Gym Machines for Abs

As far as gym machines for abs go, the one we consider the gold standard is the Nautilus Nitro Abdominal machine.

There are 2 advantages that this machine has that make for a super effective ab workout:

  1. Increased Range of Motion – this machine starts the exercise in a position of increased abdominal extension, allowing the muscles to work over a greater distance, thereby increasing the power output.

2. The Cam style pulley system, which matches the resistance of the machine to the strength of the muscle throughout the range of motion.  This creates constant equal tension for the entire exercise, with no easy spots to rest and no sticking points, which yields the most efficient workout possible.

So both the bodyweight exercises shown in the video, and the Nautilus Abdominal machine, will give you a great ab workout, but the advantages engineered into the Nautilus machine make it the more efficient choice.

Speaking of efficiency, Rock Solid Fitness workouts take only 30 minutes for a full body workout!  We exceed CDC guidelines for the safety of our clients and staff from COVID-19.  Contact us today to schedule your FREE Fitness Consultation and Workout Experience.  Your Fitness Coach will explain our program, answer all your questions, and guide you through some exercises – including the Nautilus Abdominal machine.  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

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