Have you seen these Dunedin Gym characters?


Top 7 Dunedin Gym characters you won’t see at Rock Solid Fitness

If you have ever worked out in a commercial gym, you have probably spotted some of these well-known characters.  In addition, their antics may have distracted you and messed up your workout.  Many of our current members came to us after leaving their previous Dunedin Gym because they couldn’t handle dealing with these characters anymore!

Above all, I am happy to report that Rock Solid Fitness is a safe haven from all of these characters.

See how many of these Dunedin gym characters you recognize:

1. Billy B.O.

People often come in to Rock Solid and say that it doesn’t smell like a gym!

They are usually surprised by this, but there’s no way we would let the place where we spend most of our time smell bad.

2. Cathy Camp-out

You won’t see anybody sitting on the leg press forever reading the paper, texting their bff, or gabbing away while lounging on the machine you need.

3. Harry Hoarder

dunedin gym

This is the guy who grabs 6 sets of dumbbells and claims to need them all for the next 45 minutes.

4. Eric Exhibitionist

This guy never saw a mirror he didn’t like, and thinks everybody else wants to check him out too.

5. Sam Stalker

You shouldn’t need a bodyguard, attack dog and a can of pepper spray just to work out.

6. Felicia Fashion-Show

As Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say, “if you’re worried about what you look like while you’re in the gym, your going to the gym for the wrong reasons”.  Right on, Arnold.

So save your fashion show gear for an actual fashion show.

7. Eddie Unprofessional

Ever know someone who spent good money for a personal trainer, and the trainer was answering their phone, talking to their gym buddies, or checking themselves out in the mirror during the training session?

That should NEVER happen – and it never does at Rock Solid Fitness.

Are you sick and tired of your Dunedin gym atmosphere? Why not give Rock Solid Fitness a try?  You can schedule a Free Initial Consultation and Workout Experience with a Fitness Coach Consultant, get all your questions answered, and feel the workout experience for yourself – all with no cost or obligation – by CLICKING HERE  or calling us at 727-282-1800.

Resolutions For a Happy and Strong New Year!

Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson

Many people start the New Year with good intentions towards getting in better shape once and for all. However ,just having good intentions is not enough. You have to use   the right approach and technique to get your best results.

Here are some great mini New Year’s resolutions from Rock Solid Fitness’ dear friend Luke Carlson ,who is the owner of Discover Strength, in Minnesota:

1.Link the results/outcomes you desire to the type of exercise that stimulates those results.  Stated otherwise, don’t expect Yoga to help you lose weight or running to help you increase muscle.  Surprisingly, the vast majority of exercisers are performing exercise that does not stimulate the physiological changes they desire.

2.Work with a higher level of intensity… For a shorter period of time.

3.Focus on the process, the form, and the technique rather than the outcome.  Stated otherwise, don’t focus on how many you did.  Focus on how you do them.  Exercise is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  Lifting X pounds for X number of reps does nothing positive for your fitness.

4.Aim for consistency rather than “flurries” of exercise.  For example, complete 1 strength workout every 10 days for an entire year (36 workouts in a year) rather than a 2-month period of 2 workouts per week followed by a 2-month period sans strength training.

5.Strength train slowly.  Avoid any form of strength exercise that involves fast or sudden movement.  This fast movement unloads your muscles resulting in reduced muscle fiber recruitment.  If you are already moving slowly while strength training, focus on moving even slower with particular attention paid to the transition from positive to negative.

6.Consume a post-exercise snack containing 20 grams of protein after every strength workout.


Have  a Very Happy and Strong New Year!


Check out Larry’s amazing progress!

We are so proud and happy to share one of our client’s amazing progress…

We are honored to introduce Larry Solie, who is 65 years old and retired . He has been a client of Rock Solid Fitness for almost three months.  His hard work and commitment is combined with  nutritional guidance from Rock Solid Fitness’ partner in crime, the wonderful Health Coach Stacy Solie with www.healthyweightnaturally.com .


In only two and a half months Larry lost 5.5 pounds of fat (2.6% body fat)  and he gained 1.9 pounds of muscle( 2.6% muscle mass).

Here is how Larry answered a few of the questions from Rock Solid Fitness’ testimonial Questionnaire:

1. Why did you start training? What are your training goals?

“I started training to improve my overall health, flexibility and to feel and look better. My goal is to continue to improve my overall health and physical appearance.”

2. What kind of results have you gotten?

“The program at Rock Solid Fitness is the only program I have participated in that has actually shown results. The people and the program get results!”

3. What do you like most about the the training program at Rock Solid Fitness?

“The consistency of the workout and the logical growth that results from consistent workout.”

4. What would you say about this program to people who want to  start exercising?

“Get Started!”

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

Last time I promised to explain High Intensity Interval Training and help you to not confuse it with High Intensity Interval Training…..

Unlike High Intensity Training (H.I.T.), High Intensity Interval Training is a very intense cardio workout. It consists of short intervals of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise.     According to Dean Anderson, who is a fitness and behavior expert, the HIIT approach to cardio is very physically demanding and it is NOT for everyone.

Please don’t mistake  HIIT with High Intensity Training (H.I.T)!

H.I.T. is scientific based, safe and efficient way to build muscle, burn fat and get in the best shape possible. High Intensity Training works for all ages and stages of life; someone planning to have surgery or recovering from an injury, the weekend warrior, the pro athlete, the busy professional and those that just want to look and feel better and be STRONG and FIT for life.   If you have never tried it, come to Rock Solid Fitnessfor a FREE initial workout.