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What if I have a medical condition or past injury?

Due to our physical therapy perspective, we are able to create an effective program for most people with medical conditions or a history of injuries. Clients do need to be mobile enough to get around the facility and on and off the equipment.

Can I buy a membership and work out on my own?

We believe that supervision is critically important to insure the safest and most effective workouts possible. All workouts are by appointment only with one of our expert Fitness Coaches.

What is the In-body 570?

The InBody 570 is a non-invasive scanning device that provides accurate body composition analysis in less than 45 seconds, providing information about visceral fat, segmental fat, intracellular water, and extracellular water. This information helps us design individualized workouts, set meaningful goals and track client’s progress.

How do you measure my progress?

Everything we do is data driven. We measure progress by increases in weight used or repetitions performed on your workout card; improvements seen in your Inbody 570 results; and improvements in function and quality of life, as reported by you. We keep meticulous records and make ongoing adjustments to ensure satisfying results.

What kind of services do you provide?

We offer individually supervised High Intensity strength training workouts; Inbody 570 body composition scanning; Nutrition education using our proprietary Medicorp MAPS software program; and free monthly education seminars open to the public. We stick to what we know best, and what we know works.

How do I schedule my appointments?
Clients can conveniently schedule their own appointments online, or they can call or email us and we will schedule them.
How much does it cost?

We provide the highest level of fitness coaching and consulting services. Our current prices are shown on our Services page.

What age groups do you work with?

All of our workouts are individualized, and our training principles apply universally to everyone, so we can work with all ages. Over the years we have had clients from 9 years old to well into their 90’s. Clients under 18 require parent or guardian’s consent.

Do I have to work around my coaches schedule?

At Rock Solid Fitness you don’t have just one Fitness Coach; you have a team of Coaches at your disposal. Our unique scheduling model allows you to come in and train when it’s convenient for you, not us. You are free to schedule an appointment at any time during our working hours that we are open, and the Fitness Coach assigned to supervise your workout at that time will provide you with a 5 Star, Rock Solid experience.

Is it really possible to see results in 2 weekly 30 minute workouts?

With our system, you will see immediate, dramatic and continuous progress, right from your first workout. Our workouts provide maximum muscular stimulation, while also maximizing recovery, giving you the best possible results with minimum time spent working out.

Rock Solid Fitness

The Premier Personal Training Studio in The Tampa Bay Area.

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Do you share our values & want to join the team?

Rock Solid Fitness

The Premier Personal Training Studio in The Tampa Bay Area.

© 2019 Rock Solid Fitness FL. All rights reserved.