How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost?

Client - Mariana Training

When asking yourself “how much does a personal trainer cost?”, it’s important to realize that the cost is not just money, but also time.

Time Is Money

When considering the cost of a personal trainer, most people focus on the obvious, which of course is how much money you are going to have to invest to get trained.  However, don’t forget that you will also be investing time, and many people believe “time is money”.

As with any investment, you want to get the best possible return on the resources you invest.  For example, If I invest $1000 and make $5000, that would be awesome.  But if you invest only $500 and make that same $5000, you got a much better return on the resources you invested – twice as good, in fact.

The same holds true for time, which is the most precious resource of all (if you lose money you can get more; once time is gone, you can never get it back).  So, if I spend an hour of my time doing something, and you spend 1/2 an hour and get the exact same results, once again you have made a better investment.

So when figuring out the cost of a personal trainer, you have to look at both costs – money and time.

Two Scenarios

Let’s look at an example of 2 different people who hire trainers, with 2 different training programs, and compare the costs.

Client 1

Amanda has decided to train with Big Eric at Mega Muscle Gym.  Eric is always enthusiastic about training his clients (especially the ladies ;).  Amanda’s workouts are always in the morning, because Big Eric is not available at night. Her workouts are 1 hour, 4 times a week.  She is making great progress, and is very happy training with Big Eric.  She pays $65 per session for her training.

Fictional Gym Characters
Amanda and Eric are Fictional Characters

Client 2

Mariana has selected Rock Solid Fitness in Dunedin FL for her Personal Training needs. Today she is training with Drew, but she often trains with one of the other qualified trainers at Rock Solid.  That’s because Mariana can make her training appointments for whatever time is convenient for her on any given day, whether Drew is there or not.  Her workouts are 30 minutes, 2 times per week.  She is also making great progress, and is very happy at Rock Solid Fitness.  She pays $65 per session for her training too.

Client - Mariana Training
Mariana is a real client at Rock Solid Fitness

So since Amanda and Mariana are both happy with their trainers and are making great progress, let’s compare their programs in terms of money and time invested.

A Cost Analysis


Money: $65 per session X 4 sessions per week = $260 per week.

Time: 1 hour per session X 4 sessions per week = 4 hours per week.


Money: $65 per session x 2 sessions per week = $130 per week.

Time: 30 minutes per session X 2 sessions per week = 1 hour per week.

Return On Investment

All things considered, Mariana is getting great results with a trainer she is very happy with, just like Amanda. The difference is she gets those results with half the money and in one quarter of the time.

I think we can agree that Mariana is getting a better return on her investment of resources than Amanda.

Sorry, Big Eric.

“But is 30 minutes twice a week really enough?” I can hear you saying. 

Come on in to Rock Solid Fitness and try a Free Introductory Workout for yourself!

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