Top 7 Dunedin Gym characters you won’t see at Rock Solid Fitness

Rock Solid Gym Trainer

Have you seen these Dunedin Gym characters?

If you have ever worked out in a commercial gym, you have probably spotted some of these well-known characters.  In addition, their antics may have distracted you and messed up your workout.  Many of our current members came to us after leaving their previous Dunedin Gym because they couldn’t handle dealing with these characters anymore!

Above all, I am happy to report that Rock Solid Fitness is a safe haven from all of these characters.

1. Billy B.O.

Smelly Gym Character

People often come in to Rock Solid and say that it doesn’t smell like a gym!

They are usually surprised by this, but there’s no way we would let the place where we spend most of our time smell bad.

2. Cathy Camp-out

Gym Character Camping Out

You won’t see anybody sitting on the leg press forever reading the paper, texting their bff, or gabbing away while lounging on the machine you need.

3. Harry Hoarder

Gym Character Hoarder

This is the guy who grabs 6 sets of dumbbells and claims to need them all for the next 45 minutes.

4. Eric Exhibitionist

Exhibitionist Gym Character

This guy never saw a mirror he didn’t like, and thinks everybody else wants to check him out too.

5. Sam Stalker

Stalker Gym Character

You shouldn’t need a bodyguard, attack dog and a can of pepper spray just to work out.

6. Felicia Fashion-Show

Fashion Show Gym Character

As Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say, “if you’re worried about what you look like while you’re in the gym, your going to the gym for the wrong reasons”.  Right on, Arnold.

So save your fashion show gear for an actual fashion show.

7. Eddie Unprofessional

Unprofessional Gym Character

Ever know someone who spent good money for a personal trainer, and the trainer was answering their phone, talking to their gym buddies, or checking themselves out in the mirror during the training session?

That should NEVER happen – and it never does at Rock Solid Fitness.

Are you sick and tired of your Dunedin gym atmosphere? Why not give Rock Solid Fitness a try?  You can schedule a Free Initial Consultation and Workout Experience with a Fitness Coach Consultant, get all your questions answered, and feel the workout experience for yourself – all with no cost or obligation – by CLICKING HERE  or calling us at 727-282-1800.

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