What Good Is Success If You’re Not Healthy And Fit Enough To Enjoy It?

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What good is success if you’re not healthy and fit enough to enjoy it?

Making a million dollars.  Winning a gold medal.  Raising happy, well-adjusted kids.

These are all things that people think of when they think of the word success.

All of those things require hard work, dedication, and occasional sacrifices.  And sometimes it seems like the one of the things you have to give up if you really want to be successful is good health.

Because just like success, good health also requires hard work, dedication, and occasional sacrifices.

So don’t you have to pick one or the other?  Is it possible to devote the time, energy and focus required to be successful and still maintain good health habits?

At Rock Solid Fitness, we believe you can have it all – a successful life, good health, and a high level of fitness.  We don’t want you to sacrifice any one of these for the other.

How to be successful and still have the good health and fitness to enjoy it

#1. Schedule appointments – with yourself.

Scheduling your workouts is no different than scheduling any other high priority task – dentist appointment, doctor appointment, business meeting, etc.- except that your workouts will be scheduled every week instead of occasionally. You should assign the same importance to them, and commit to making a habit of keeping these appointments.

#2. Adjust your mindset.

Change your definition of success to include good personal health and fitness.  Decide that staying strong, fit, and physically active is part of that definition.

#3. Get on a time-efficient workout program.

If you want to be fit and healthy without detracting from other parts of a successful life, finding a time-efficient workout program is critical.

If your workouts take hours to perform, and/or require you to be in the gym four to six days a week, pretty soon you’re going to find every excuse in the book to skip a workout.

That’s because you’ll have to end up choosing between working out and something else that’s equally as important to you, and sometimes the workout will lose that battle.

In addition, that type of program isn’t sustainable, because it doesn’t allow for sufficient recovery in between workouts.  so pretty soon you won’t put as much effort into it because you’re still tired from your last workout, and eventually you’ll justify taking some time off.

It’s a recipe for failure.

How to be successful while staying fit and healthy

Ask yourself the right question.

Perhaps you have been asking yourself the wrong question when trying to balance success and your a workout plan.

Instead of asking “how much exercise can I tolerate?” the Rock Solid Fitness strength training program is built on the question: “how little exercise do I require?”

And after many years of training busy, successful people, we know the answer is two brief (but intense) workouts per week.

“I’ve been to a lot of gyms over the years, but this one is a whole different experience. When my personal program was created, all of my out-of gym activities were considered in order to balance out my exercise regimen for what’s best for my goals. All of the trainers are friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable about proper technique and form. As a busy executive, I need to maximize my time and effort and Rock Solid does just that.”

Christy Vogel, Marketing Direction

You can see more success stories, and get a Free Training Session, right here.

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