Strengthening The Ankle Muscles To Prevent Injuries

Client Training with Patty To Strengthen Ankle Muscles & Prevent Injury

Ankle muscles can be strengthened to help make your ankles more resistant to injury. At Rock Solid Fitness we use a unique device to accomplish this with our clients.

Check it out in this video:

Strengthening the ankle muscles that surround the ankle joint can help reduce the risk of injuries to the area. Many workout programs focus only on the calf muscles behind the leg. The 2 large muscle groups of the calf area are the gastrocnemius and the soleus. These muscles serve to point the toes (plantar flexion), both in a standing and seated position.  Both of these muscles transition into the achilles tendon, which crosses behind the ankle and attaches to the heel bone.

Calf Muscle Diagram

However, these are not the only muscles with tendons that cross the ankle joint.  And strengthening all of these muscles will thicken the muscle fibers and tendons, increasing their resistance to outside forces.

Picture a pencil next to a baseball bat.  Both are made of wood, but one is much thicker than the other.  Which one is easier to break?

The thicker something is, the more force it takes to break it.  This is also true of your ankle muscles and tendons, which is great news for your ankle joints!

So having strong calf muscles is a great start – but at Rock Solid Fitness we feel you need more.

The ankle muscles on the front of the lower leg are often neglected.

The ankle muscles are important for both balance and injury prevention.  The main muscle group here is the tibialis anterior, which pulls the “toes toward the nose”.  The tibialis anterior tendon crosses the anterior ankle joint.

Ankle Diagram

One reason more people don’t work on strengthening their tibialis anterior muscles is that they don’t have a way to do it.  We are able to accomplish this task mainly through manual resistance or by using the D.A.R.D. (pictured in the video above).

So if you want to increase your resistance to ankle injuries, strengthen all of your ankle muscles!

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