Have you seen these Dunedin Gym characters?


Top 7 Dunedin Gym characters you won’t see at Rock Solid Fitness

If you have ever worked out in a commercial gym, you have probably spotted some of these well-known characters.  In addition, their antics may have distracted you and messed up your workout.  Many of our current members came to us after leaving their previous Dunedin Gym because they couldn’t handle dealing with these characters anymore!

Above all, I am happy to report that Rock Solid Fitness is a safe haven from all of these characters.

See how many of these Dunedin gym characters you recognize:

1. Billy B.O.

People often come in to Rock Solid and say that it doesn’t smell like a gym!

They are usually surprised by this, but there’s no way we would let the place where we spend most of our time smell bad.

2. Cathy Camp-out

You won’t see anybody sitting on the leg press forever reading the paper, texting their bff, or gabbing away while lounging on the machine you need.

3. Harry Hoarder

dunedin gym

This is the guy who grabs 6 sets of dumbbells and claims to need them all for the next 45 minutes.

4. Eric Exhibitionist

This guy never saw a mirror he didn’t like, and thinks everybody else wants to check him out too.

5. Sam Stalker

You shouldn’t need a bodyguard, attack dog and a can of pepper spray just to work out.

6. Felicia Fashion-Show

As Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say, “if you’re worried about what you look like while you’re in the gym, your going to the gym for the wrong reasons”.  Right on, Arnold.

So save your fashion show gear for an actual fashion show.

7. Eddie Unprofessional

Ever know someone who spent good money for a personal trainer, and the trainer was answering their phone, talking to their gym buddies, or checking themselves out in the mirror during the training session?

That should NEVER happen – and it never does at Rock Solid Fitness.

Are you sick and tired of your Dunedin gym atmosphere? Why not give Rock Solid Fitness a try?  You can schedule a Free Initial Consultation and Workout Experience with a Fitness Coach Consultant, get all your questions answered, and feel the workout experience for yourself – all with no cost or obligation – by CLICKING HERE  or calling us at 727-282-1800.

Don’t Let These 3 Myths Ruin Your Exercise Program

Dunedin Gym
There are a lot of “myths” we hear from clients at our Dunedin gym when it comes to exercise and strength training.

These myths can quickly turn into excuses, and before you know it, people talk themselves out of training at all.  If you know you need to start at a Clearwater, Palm Harbor, or Dunedin gym, I don’t want these myths to create any fear in you.  Remember, f.e.a.r. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real!

And sometimes, those myths trap people in unproductive exercise programs, or worse yet, prevent them from starting a program in the first place.


Here are a couple of the best one I’ve heard at our Dunedin Gym:
Myth #1. Working out with weights (strength training) makes women bulky and manly-looking.

A  lot of women still believe that they need to do tons of cardio-running, group classes, treadmill, bike, stairmaster, aerobics class, spin class,-the more miles, the better to stay “thin and “toned”.

Sharon was one of those people.  But after a while, she started to experience joint pain, chronic fatigue, and spending that much time at the gym was getting harder and harder.

So she decided to try strength training a try-and found that not only did she not “bulk up”, her endurance actually increased, and her aches and pains went away.

Click here to hear Sharon’s Story

Myth #2. I have a bad back, so I can’t work out.

To someone with back pain, lifting weights seems like the worst thing you could do.

That’s what Wendy thought.  Her back pain was so bad, she could barely tie her shoes.

But she soon learned that the right exercises, performed correctly, can strengthen the muscles that support the spine, and suddenly life can be fun again.

Click here to hear Wendy’s story

Myth #3. I don’t have time to workout.

Lots of people think that it takes hours upon hours every week to really get in good shape.

And if you can’t devote that kind of time to it – why bother getting started.

That was Mark’s deal.  Until he came to our Dunedin gym, Rock Solid Fitness, and found out that 30 minutes, twice a week does the job.

Such a good job, in fact, that he’s getting ready to start playing softball again for the first time in years.

Click here to hear Mark’s story

So don’t get caught up in all the exercise myths out there about strength training.  You can look better, feel better, and function better, all in only 30 minutes, twice a week, on the Rock Solid Fitness program.


Rock Solid Fitness is currently seeking 20 people to participate in a strength training study.  Our goal is to prove once and for all that brief, intense strength training works, to bust all the myths out there that are prevalent among Dunedin gym members.

Participants will receive FREE one-on-one training for one month.

Certain criteria apply – click the link below to see if you qualify, and learn how to sign up.


5 Things You Must Do To Get Fit In 2019

At Rock Solid Fitness, we have noticed the same pattern of habits among our clients who achieve the greatest success.  I want to share them with you here, and hope that you will incorporate them to help you get fit in 2019.

In 2009, I met a guy named Craig Ballantyne, who sold fitness programs on the internet.  One cool thing he was doing for his members was running an annual 12-Week “Transformation Contest” for his members, and he would offer a cash prize to the winner.  The participants had to send in before-and-after photos and measurements, and submit a short essay on how they had transformed their life.

After a few years of running the contest, Craig determined that the people who did well in these contests always did 5 things that made them successful.

The 5 Things You Must Do To Get Fit In 2019

Plan and prepare ahead of time. 

get fit in 2019

By making your appointments ahead of time, all the crazy day-to-day stuff that inevitably happens will have to be fit in around your immovable workout appointment.  Schedule in advance, and then treat that appointment like a dentist appointment when you have a toothache.  You wouldn’t cancel that one, would you?

This is also a crucial factor in nutrition.  You must plan and prepare your meals in advance so you can stick to a certain level of daily calories and nutrients.  If you don’t do this, you will be more susceptible to temptation, and forced to eat whatever’s available, and that never ends well.

Surround yourself with support.

Having positive, encouraging people with similar goals around you goes a long way in getting you through the tough times.  When you’re not progressing as quickly as you would like, or you experience a setback, your support network can pick you up and pull you along the path to success.

You may have a friend or family member who can do this with you, and it’s also pretty easy to accomplish online these days.  There are plenty of fitness groups and forums you can join to find people like that, including the Our Facebook Page.

Give yourself a meaningful incentive for achieving your goal.

Your “Why” for working out has to be personally meaningful to you on a deep level.  Therefore, if you’re going to stick with it for the long haul, you need something that really resonates with you.  Make it something so worth it that the thought of achieving it will steer you past temptation, bad choices and giving up.  Take your time and figure out what that is for you.

Set a deadline.

Deadlines work really well for both the short and long term.  In the short term, you can have a deadline of 1 week from today to complete 2 strength training workouts.  In the long term, you might choose something like  losing 5% body fat by July 1st.  Use deadlines to your advantage whenever you can; without one, you will probably procrastinate indefinitely.

Get professional guidance and accountability from a coach.

This is where we come in!  Rock Solid Fitness has an expert staff of college graduate Fitness Coaches standing by to set up your individualized workouts.  We provide you with education on health and nutrition habits, and to hold you accountable to doing what you need to do and get fit in 2019!

Click Here Now To Schedule A FREE Initial Consultation And Get Fit In 2019!

Most Excuses Are Good Ones

In 2001-2002, I had the good fortune of being a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Strength and Conditioning Staff.

buccaneers strength and conditioning

Our Head Coach was Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Dungy, and it turned out to be his last season with the team (and consequently, ours too).

Coach Dungy had a pretty unique perspective on excuses.  Have you ever heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a good excuse”?  Well, Coach Dungy believed just the opposite.  In a letter that went out to the entire staff and all the players, he told us his philosophy on excuses: that in fact, most excuses were good ones.  And since that was the case, and since it was really hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones, he informed us that – “none will be accepted”.

And he meant it!  No sick days.  No tardiness.  No not getting your job done for any reason.


In fact, he felt so strongly about it, there was a big sign in the locker room addressing the issue:

Set expectations, Commit to them, and execute.  No excuses, no explanations.

So once you make a decision on your expectations (in our case, winning the Super Bowl), you have to commit to the execution, day in and day out, of what it takes to get there-without excuses or explanations.

Once you make a committed decision, something special happens to you. You will find an inner drive taking hold of you, propelling you in the direction of your desired value.

For example, if you want to get in shape, the first thing you need to do is decide you are going to get in shape, and then commit to that decision. Many people at gyms in Dunedin, Palm Harbor and Clearwater set a goal of getting in shape, often in the form of a New Year’s resolution. However, very few of these people actually see their goal through and achieve the desired result; perhaps you have been one of them. The reason is they have not turned their goal into a commitment.

So how do you turn a goal into a commitment?

You turn a goal into a commitment by stating your goal, then adding the words “no matter what”. For example:

“I will work out 2 times a week at Rock Solid Fitness for the next 3 months, no matter what.”

Or, “I will not eat dessert with dinner this month, no matter what“.

Adding the words “no matter what” to a goal transforms a mere desire into a committed decision, thereby increasing the chances of reaching the goal to practically inevitable. This is the power of commitment.

Take a moment now to reflect on why you want to get in shape. What do you think being in shape will do for you? How will it improve the quality of your life? And why is it important to you?

Answering these questions will help you successfully make your way through the myriad of distractions we all deal with in day-to-day life and get your workouts done.


“Help! I Need A Personal Trainer”

Right now, somebody is saying to themselves “Help! I need a personal trainer” in Dunedin FL.

And somebody else is saying, “I don’t need a personal trainer.  I can workout just fine on my own”.

So who’s right?  Sure, people who have never exercised before can benefit from a good personal trainer, we can all agree on that.  But what about somebody who already has a bunch of workout experience – is it worth it for them to hire a personal Fitness Coach?

Yes, it is.  And here’s why: 

Top 3 Reasons why you and I need a Personal Trainer:

1. Professional Accountability.

If you have an appointment set with your personal trainer, and you have already paid for the session, you are far less likely to skip that workout.  And once you do show up, you’re not going to be able to talk yourself out of anything.  No more blowing off legs.  No more skipping that last abdominal exercise.  No more starting with bench press every single workout.  Your trainer will hold you accouuntable and make sure you get the results you are seeking by doing what you need to do, not just what you feel like doing.

2. Supervision.

Studies consistently show that just having someone near you watching you exercise causes you to work harder, even if they don’t say a word.  And of course, any good Personal Trainer is going to say a lot of words to you, both coaching your exercise form and encouraging you to put in a maximum effort.  Also, having a second set of eyes watching your technique is a great way to prevent cheating, and more importantly to maintain safety.

3. Variety.

There are certain techniques that can add variety and increase the intensity of your workout that you simply cannot perform on your own (as seen in the video below).  Adding variety prevents boredom, keeps your motivation up, and forces adaptation, which translates into better results.  And since intensity is the critical factor determining the effectiveness of your workout program, utilizing trainer-assisted techniques will make your workouts infinitely more productive.

So no matter what your experience level, having a good Personal Trainer at your side is the way to go!  Come in to Rock Solid Fitness today and let us help you!


Do I really need a Personal Fitness Coach?

A lot of people, especially those with a lot of workout experience, choose to work out on their own and not hire a personal trainer.  If you’re one of those people, you may have asked yourself: “do I really need a Personal Fitness Coach”?

personal fitness coach

To answer that question, let me tell you Chris’ story.

After retiring from being a personal trainer, Chris decided to started working out on her own, and of course she was training really hard.  Then she came back to us, her former employer, to train a few clients on a part-time basis.

Here’s what happened:

Once she got back to Rock Solid Fitness, she had the opportunity to be trained by another well-educated, experienced Personal Fitness Coach – and was so fatigued after only 30 minutes that she “felt like a wet noodle” afterwards.

Now, you might be thinking it sounds like Chris must be in awful shape.  But remember, Chris is an experienced Personal Fitness Coach herself, and has been working out regularly for years.

How’s that possible? Surely an experienced personal trainer knows how to workout, right?  And she should now how to push herself when working out on her own, shouldn’t she?

Of course she does.  Chris is an expert trainer.  That’s not the issue.

The issue is that nobody can replicate on their own the benefits that a Personal Fitness Coach provides.

  • They watch your form like a hawk, and don’t let you get away with anything. (You don’t do that when you’re alone – trust me).
  • They push you when you think you can’t possibly do any more.
  • They keep you moving through your workout at a good pace – no “B.S.ing” with other people instead of working.
  • They don’t let you rest any longer than you need to.
  • They make sure you do all of the exercises you should-not just your favorites.
  • They change your program up when needed, for better results and to prevent boredom.
  • They make sure you get something FROM the workout, instead of just getting THROUGH the workout.

Once she got reminded of all of these benefits via the “wet noodle” effect, Chris was hooked on working with a Coach once again.  And over the next 2 months, she lost 4 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle at the same time!

So if you ever run into Chris, and ask her “hey Chris, do I really need a Personal Fitness Coach?”  I’m pretty sure we all know what the answer will be.

If you are ready for the kind of results Chris is getting, come to Rock Solid Fitness and feel the difference working with one of our Personal Fitness Coaches!